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ceph-deploy 清理


To remove all data from /var/lib/ceph (but leave Ceph packages intact), execute the purgedata command.

ceph-deploy  purgedata {hostname} [{hostname} …]


To remove all data from /var/lib/ceph and uninstall Ceph packages, execute the purge command.

ceph-deploy purge {hostname} [{hostname} …]

使用上面2个步骤分别在每个节点上执行来清理ceph的数据配置和应用文件。值得注意的是 OSD disk volumes or labels 不会被清理,需要使用下面步骤来清理。

ceph-deploy purge command does not clean up OSD disk volumes or labels

Workaround: Remove the volume group and volume label used for the OSD on the disk. The disk can then be used to create a new volume the next time you use the ceph-deploy osd create command. For example, to remove a volume label, use the lvdisplay command to list the volume labels, and delete the label:

# lvdisplay ... 
# lvremove --force /dev/ceph-dc39f7cc-e423-48d3-a466-9701e7bf972a/osd-block-f7db38d2-...

Use the vgdisplay command to list the volume groups, and delete the group:

# vgdisplay ... 
# vgremove --force ceph-dc39f7cc-e423-48d3-a466-9701e7bf972a


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